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The most famous villages of Pelion and their distance from Villa Amanti


12 Km, 20 min

Afissos is one of the most beautiful and tourism oriented seaside villages of Pelion, only 12 km away of Villa Amanti, situated in the Pagasetic Sea, build amphitheatrically within rich nature. It has a great appeal on tourists gained by the surrounding beaches, Abovos with its multicolored pebbles, Kalifteri and Lagoudi with their sandy coasts and their crystal clear waters.

Agios Georgios

9 Km, 15 min

Agios Georgios Nileias, located only 9 km away of Villa Amanti, it is a small but nevertheless beautiful and one of the richest head villages of Pelion. Houses are built amphitheatrically along a forested side of the mountain with undistracted views towards the Pagasetic Sea. Also, it is the highest village of Pelion built at an altitude of 620m and with some houses reaching even 700m.

Agios Lavrentios

17 Km, 30 min

Agios Lavrentios is one of the oldest villages of the Centaurs Mountain. It is a mountainous region of unique beauty in Central Pelion, only 20km away from Villa Amanti, with exceptional view towards the Pagasetic. The name originates from the homonymous Byzantine monastery located just outside the village that was initially built by Benedictine monks during the fourth crusade. 

Agios Vlassios

10 Km, 20 min

Agios Vlasios is a small mountain village in Central Pelion, surrounded by rich plantation and decorated with traditional Pelion buildings. Agios Vlasios is located between Lechonia and Agios Georgios, in a beautiful route with dense foliage and lots of streaming waters, at a distance of 10 km from Villa Amanti. 


22 Km, 30 min

Located at a distance of 22 km of Villa Amanti, is the famous Argalasti, a traditional mountainous village that has deservedly gotten the title for being the capital of south Pelion. A place literally drowned in rich vegetation, consisting mainly of olive groves and wild forests that blend perfectly with the many sights and the tourism amenities that the village offers.


54 Km, 1 h & 20 min

Horefto is a charming seaside Pelion village in the coast of the Aegean Sea, 54 km away of Villa Amanti, serving as the port village of Zagora which is in short distance. The village's history is closely related with Zagora since being its port, it was here, that the famous Zagorian ships embarked for their commercial activities in Europe and Asia.

The lengthy beach of Horefto is about 2.5 km long and has fine sand with crystal blue waters.


28 Km, 45 min

Very close to Milina and Argalasti, 28 km away of Villa Amanti, is the gorgeous Horto, a quiet and picturesque village built in a bay of the Pagasetic Gulf, full of olive trees and surrounded by lovely beaches. Without losing its traditional character, it is developed and provides all kind of amenities to the significant tourist traffic, offering many options on dining and entertainment.


30 Km, 45 min

Among the 24 villages of Pelion, is Lafkos, a charming traditional village of south Pelion, with great view towards its port village, Milina and the Pagasetic Gulf. It is 30km away from Villa Amanti, a place that mesmerizes the visitor maintaining its traditional character with the stone buildings, the old mansions, the cobbled streets, the traditional fountains and combining flawlessly mountain with sea.


26 Km, 45 min

Makrinitsa, located 26 Km away from Villa Amanti, is one of the most popular destinations in Pelion and not by mistake. The lush vegetation, the preservation of traditional Pelion architecture, the panoramic view towards Pagasetic gulf and Volos and the many sights, explain its popularity. Incrementally built on a steep west slope of Pelion between Mega Rema stream and the Sarakinos mountain, its houses seem like hanging from the mountain. 


13 Km, 20 min

Through a verdant slope of Central Pelion,  only 12 km away of Villa Amanti, stands the village of Milies, one of the most famous and popular villages of the centaur’s mountain, combining perfectly the natural beauty with tourism development. It is the head village of the municipality and close to other significant Pelion villages, like Vizitsa and Pinakates. It is visited every year by thousands of people who come to admire the sights and the traditional Pelion architecture.


31 Km, 50 min

It’s a seaside village in South Pelion, at a distance of 30 km from Villa Amanti, overlooking Pagasetic Gulf; it is very vibrant especially during summer. Despite advanced tourist development (restaurants, cafes, shops, campings, rentals etc.) it has not been spoiled and maintains its scenic and traditional character.

The origin of the name is Slavic, from the word “mln” which means windmill. 


12 Km, 20 min

Pinakates is one the most picturesque mountain villages of Pelion. Located only 13 km away of Villa Amanti, at an altitude that allows it to have striking views towards the Pagasetic and the rest of Pelion being also close to other magnificent villages such as Agios Georgios, Milies and Vizitsa.


20 km, 40 min

Of all the villages in Pelion, Portaria has been the greatest in terms of commercial growth since it had many eras of prosperity and wealth. It is built on the western slopes of Pelion, north of Volos in a green hillside with flowing waters and panoramic views of the Pagasetic and the surrounding villages. 


59 Km, 1 h & 30 min

The village of Trikeri is among the 24 villages of the centaur’s mountain, located at a distance of 59 km from Villa Amanti. It is known as the village of the three seas since the Pagasetic Gulf in the north, the north Euboean gulf on the south and the Aegean Sea on the east surround it. It is a large village, with great history built on a hill with incredible views towards the sea. 


35 Km, 50 min

The mountainous Tsagarada is one of the oldest villages of Pelion and perhaps the most well-known both in Greece and abroad, located 35 km away of Villa Amanti. Seeing it from a distance it looks like its drowning in the lush and vast forests. To the east, you can admire the panoramic view of the Aegean Sea, with its unparalleled beauty and to the west, the verdant slopes of Pelion. 


15 Km, 20 min

A beautiful and picturesque village of Pelion, situated between Milies and Agios Georgios, at an altitude of 450 meters and at a distance of 15 km from Villa Amanti. One can admire the traditional Pelion architecture with the many restored mansions that exist and also the impressive square where the central kalderimi path leads.


47 Km, 1 h & 15 min

The beautiful Zagora, the biggest in population village of Pelion, is a mountainous region, with rich cultural heritage located 47 km away of Villa Amanti, in the verdant east slopes of Pelion and has views towards the Aegean Sea.

What makes it special is the fact that the village is divided in 4 neighborhoods: Perachora, Agia Kiriaki, Agios Georgios and Metamorphosi, each of which has its own distinctive characteristics.

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