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A little outside Volos, at the foot of Centaur Mountain, you come across a lovely, charming, and above all, peaceful little village: Ano Gatzea. Just two kilometers from the seaside fishing village of Kato Gatzea are a few houses scattered across the mountainside, a church, a tavern, the Olive Museum, and the Old Station. This is Ano Gatzea.


In the olive orchard beside the church, a house from a previous century was brooding in silence, steeped in memories, waiting to be filled again with sounds, colors, images and emotions.


In 2007, it came into our hands,  as a precious gift of our ancestors who lived between Greece and Egypt: in Agios Georgios and Ano Gatzea, in Cairo and Alexandria, to finally end up in Athens, the city that gave birth to us.


We fell in love with this house and its surroundings, and with zest and zeal we decided to bring the house back to life, while retaining its character and charm.


Gradually, it turned into a retreat for our family vacations and a starting point for group excursions. Our friends could relax, our children could build memories of summer holidays, and we have found a refuge, a place to escape from the crazy commotion of Athens.


Realizing our friends’ enthusiasm and our children’s delight, we felt we should share it with others. Thus came the idea of renting. This house should not remain empty on days that none of our family or friends were able to visit.


We christened it “Villa Amanti” from the first few letters of our names.

Amanti, which in Italian means lovers: lovers of the past, the present, of life, of joy and happiness…


Villa Amanti, a traditional holiday house for your vacations in Pelion.

And we offer it to you, for your own unforgettable moments.


Whether you are a couple, a company of friends, a group, or a family with children, this is the ideal place, because the feeling you are left with after a few days in the house is that “there is plenty of room for everyone, with no overcrowding.”


Moments that people have experienced in the house and have become indelibly etched on their memory could become your own memories too:

Reading by the morning light on the balcony; cooking together in the kitchen; yoga on the lawn in the lower courtyard; endless conversations and Scrabble matches with good wine in front of the fireplace; dancing under the stars in the moonlight; feasts with guitars around the garden table, with the barbecue aglow and your hearts floating free.

All will find their own little nook.


                   “We set the scene. Bring your cast and live your own script”


Amalia & Antigoni

Finally, Amalia moved to Ano Gatzea in May 2014.


She' ll welcome you to Villa Amanti and she'll be there for you, ready to fulfill your needs and desires.


If you have any problem, call her any time and she'll find the right solution for you.


And when you'll meet her, don't forget to ask her: Where to eat, where to go, what to do. She'll recommend you the best places and activities in the surrounding area.

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